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Welcome to our testimonials page. We understand that taking the next step toward recovery can be difficult for many reasons; one of which is where to turn and who to trust during this process. The staff at Brisas Recovery understand this and have significant knowledge and expertise in providing tailored programs that fit the specific needs of their patients.

Below, you can read word-for-word testimonials of those that have taken the first step toward their recovery and the positive things that have transpired thereafter through the Brisas treatment programs.

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“Neurofeedback is peaceful. You’re intertwining the 12 steps and this approach of self-worth and self-care. I have been an addict for twelve years and I have never seen this type of approach, I have never felt this secure and calm. I have damage in the front of my brain in my frontal lobe, and what this is doing is rewiring my neural pathways and I can feel it just on the first time in. Without a doubt I’m going to continue doing neurofeedback. The first time around, I fell asleep and I’ve suffered from insomnia since I was the age of 10. You have to give it a shot. You have to go in and see it for yourself. I feel like I’m so taken care of here. You’re not just a number here you’re actually cared for and you’re taking a different approach. I can’t even explain it, its amazing.”

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Ms. Portland

“I knew nothing about neurofeedback but I was looking very much forward to it. I went in with a headache the morning of my first session, probably at a 7 and within 15-20 minutes, I was at a 1, and I wasn’t focusing on getting rid of my headache, it just disappeared. I’ve been having to take something every day for a headache. Well, I didn’t that day. I had no headache and continued through the day with no headache. Which is amazing, I usually have one every day and I didn’t. Additionally, I’m very nocturnal, I’m usually the last one up, I was sitting up and I completely fell asleep on the couch much earlier than I ever do and slept the whole night without waking up. This has made me feel very peaceful and focused, which are the two things that I needed and Dr. Sunder knew that and that was his goal and I feel very exactly that.”


“I had not heard about neurofeedback before but I immediately wanted to sign up as it sounded like an excellent opportunity to explore new cutting edge approaches to treating various issues and so far my experience has been excellent. For instance, I woke up with a very significant stomachache, I had swollen glands, headache, and when I went into the session the technologist set up a protocol that actually targeted those issues and when the session was over, I actually had no symptoms whatsoever. Everything was gone. My gland swelling had gone down, my stomach was no longer upset and my headache was gone.

The neurofeedback staff was exceptionally professional, polite and gentle. We are dealing with various issues here in this program and anxiety is an issue I think, for most people here. The very gentle and calming approach is definitely something that was nice. The benefits are profound.”


“The Neurofeedback was the most peaceful and calming thing that I have ever experienced. After my session I was more calm than I have been in years. I have tried other medicines. I have tried therapy. I have tried basically everything for my anxiety and depression, and this made my anxiety at an all time low and then my depression was just lifted. It was just like a really peaceful and calming feeling. I also started having more calm and peaceful dreams and my sleep patterns were way better. I was falling asleep easily and I was able to stay asleep. I’ve suffered with insomnia for years so that really helped me.

I feel like the Neurofeedback would break the monotony of going to groups and seeing the same people, doing the same things and it would relax everyone. I think it would just help everybody and lift everybody’s spirits a little bit.”


“I had no experience whatsoever when it comes to Neurofeedback but I was open to it but just didn’t have the opportunity to try it previously. I was lucky enough to be part of Dr. Sunder’s program. I didn’t expect to feel so good, especially after the first session. Specifically I felt like eating healthier food, which was interesting. Certain things seemed more vivid to me and opportunities seemed more available. I started taking advantage of those feelings and using them to benefit me as a whole.

In regards to the Neurofeedback, I do plan to continue doing the program mainly due to the benefits and the response I’m getting back. It’s something that’s new and I’m very surprised as to how easy it is because you really don’t have to do anything aside from keeping your mind open. I like using alternatives, other than medicine, and the program is a win win situation. It’s just great.”


“I just got done with my second neurofeedback session, and it’s tremendous it’s really helping with so many aspects of my daily life. My migraines, I haven’t had a migraine since I started my treatment. My anxiety levels– I don’t have any anxiety. My sleep patterns — I was up and down all night. It’s really helped me to have mellow, nice sleep and wake up energetic. It helps me get through my everyday.

The technologists are awesome. They really help you feel like you’ve known them for so long. The environment is peaceful, quiet, spa like. Neurofeedback has helped me a ton. I think it’s a great and everybody can get something out of it, for sure.”


“I absolutely knew nothing about the program, but it was so dynamic, I have never experienced anything like it. Normally for anxiety, I would take pills like hydroxyzine or seroquel to help with sleep and things that were relative to stress, but I never had any type of neurotherapy where it would transmit signals to the brain and actually work within your body to electrically say, “hey you’re stressed out,” which I think is actually amazing. I went in for anxiety; to help with some stress related issues and also for addictions. I also had pain, stiffness in my neck and in my back. When I was done with the therapy, I didn’t feel it anymore. I told one of the therapists that was conducting the therapy that the pain was gone and she confirmed that it works on different things not just stress or things related to the mind.

You come to find out that stress is actually functioning in the body as a sickness and stiffness, I was extremely, extremely impressed with the actual overall session. It’s amazing, it’s really amazing. I know that I had a lot of traumatic events happen to me recently, and this was able to relieve some of the most intense traumatic experiences.”

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“Neurofeedback is a really easy process to go through. I had a really good customer experience. Having experienced anxiety my entire life and to walk out of there really calm and peaceful, I mean you just can’t beat that. I was also experiencing headaches and now I’m not. I was experiencing some writer’s block and whenever I walked out of the session, I sat down and was literally able to just to write on the pad, I mean I couldn’t write fast enough.

I would recommend neurofeedback to anybody that is experiencing any type of anxiety or if they’re having any headaches, any pain in their body, and also if they have any depression disorders because I now feel very calm.”


“I could not get through my day without suffering from my addiction. I had anxiety attacks that were so bad, that I had to pull over on the side of the road on multiple occasions because I couldn’t even drive, I couldn’t see. But with Dr. Sunder’s help, we’ve laid out a program of things that I can do, and practices that he has taught me that I’ve learned here, part mediation, part analyzing the brain through the feedback and just pinpointing triggers or things that happened in my past. We are reconstructing my brain, pretty much.

I would praise the work they are doing here. The team and Dr. Sunder are wonderful. Everyone really cares about you and they really want to see you improve. My sleep is improving. My energy is improving. My focus is improving. My anxiety levels have come down and I know the future is open and I feel like I can take on anything.”



“Once I did the neurofeedback, its phenomenal. Its kind of indescribable. I had a lot of anxiety, I suffer from PTSD and depression from use in the past. I had a lack of energy – that was another thing I felt held me back. I let Dr. Sunder know my symptoms, and it really helped – the neurofeedback took that all away literally within minutes.

I really held on to a lot of my trauma. I was a victim of hurricane Katrina. I’ve lost a lot of friends in this process. These were things that I really held on to that depressed me and kept me in my addiction. Doing the neurofeedback worked like magic, its just great. Within 15-20 minutes I felt so calm, I felt like 1000 pounds had been lifted off my shoulders. I sleep great now, I don’t have bad thoughts, I don’t have anxiety. I’m happy.”