Site map

Site Map

Welcome to the Brisas Recovery site map. The purpose of this page is to provide easy navigation to all pages of our website. Below are links to pages of the website, complete with short descriptions for quick verification of the topic on that page. If you have any questions that can’t be answered from the content on our website, please don’t hesitate to reach our staff for further assistance through our Contact Us page.
Home: The central page of Brisas Recovery. Here you can navigate to main sections of our website that are segmented into top categories as well as get a brief overview of our philosophy, experience and passion for addiction recovery.
Frequently Asked Questions: The purpose of our FAQ page is to list many general questions we hear often that relate to our services or business and include the most precise answers to them.
Complimentary Wellness Services: An overview of the many services Brisas Recovery provides to patients in southern California. Services are segmented into themes for easy review and selection.
Intensive Outpatient Program: Our state-of-the-art, customized outpatient rehabilitation programs are tailored to each individual and their particular treatment needs.
Addictions We Treat: A detailed list of the various addiction types we treat including descriptive information of each kind and our methodology for a successful treatment.
Disorders We Treat: This section of our website details the types of different disorders that Brisas Recovery treats.
About Us: Learn about Brisas Recovery and what makes our addiction recovery services unique and successful.
Testimonials: Read actual testimonials from Brisas’ patients and their experience they’ve had at our facility and working with our recovery specialists.
Terms: Our terms of service page. To learn more about our specific terms, visit this section for additional information.
Privacy Policy: Our privacy policy page details how we keep our website user and patient data private and secure.